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Let us take you off the beaten track 

At Aloriga Tours Ghana, we want to give everybody the opportunity to experience all the beauty that Ghana and West Africa have to offer.

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Who We Are

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Ghana and other West African countries, are exciting places where almost everything is possible to see, touch, feel and observe. You’ll join one of our professional local guides on the adventure and let them take you on the amazing tours off the beaten path. You’ll get to experience the countries from a unique point of view that benefits both the locals and the environment, and that’s exactly what we stand for.

Ghana, as well as the other West African countries, are incredibly rich culturally and we pride ourselves on taking travellers beyound what you’ll find in any tourist guidebook. Exceptional history, nature, hiking, safaris, surfing, adventure, zip line and many historical sites are waiting to be discovered by you!

Aloriga Tours Ghana operates all year round, designing or scheduling your private individual tours and group tours (for individuals, couples, small or large groups). Your personal guide will travel with you and can also organize spontaneous trips according to your wishes and ideas.

Your safety, experience and happiness is our number one goal. We aim to make traveling fun and amazing for each and everyone that signs up with us. Ready for an unforgettable experience?

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Mission & Values

We’re not just a regular travel agency. Here’s why:

  • We pride ourselves on organising individual planned tours according to your wishes.

  • You’ll be guided by a local guide who will accompany you and be there for you 24/7. He’s also happy to organise special requests you may have, such as cooking together, spontaneous changes, excursions or contact with locals.

  • We give you the chance to get to know Ghana beyond what you can find in your tourist guide. You’ll experience the whole spectrum, from its food, culture, drinks, dance, traditions, traveling, people to their way of life.

  • We make sure you understand the local situations and provide information on public health and  environmental sanitation.

  • Healthy living among all ages in schools, orphanages and communities.

  • We provide tourists with the opportunity to make tangible impact in schools, communities and orphanages as they gain experience in the field of public health and international development

Unique Travels

Our tours will take you off the beaten path and have experience the country beyond what you'll find in the tourist guidebook.

Local Guides

Our experienced local travel guides will help you discover the country with respect for its people and the environment.


Whether you're travelling alone or in a group, we're here for you. Plus, we're always open to hear your ideas and organise spontaneous trips accordingly.