Germany to France

France to Spain

Spain to Morocco

Morocco to Mauritania

Mauritania to Senegal

Senegal to Gambia

Gambia to Senegal

Senegal to Guinea Conakry

Guinea Conakry to Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast to Ghana

Ghana Final Destination

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Final Destination GHANA!!

Elubo Boarder to Esiama We cross the bridge between the two countries and reach Ghana. Now we have crossed the african continent from the Mediterranean

Journey through Ivory Coast

N’zoo Boarder to Douékoué Danané, Bureau des Douanes: We are supposed to get a vignette touristique for the motorbikes. After some discussion among the customs

Journey through Guinea

Boarder to Koundara Welcome to Koundara in Guinea. We made it, despite some small issues (like a number twister of the passport number on the