The gateway to Africa

This is Ghana, an exciting place where almost everything is possible to see, touch, feel, and observe.
Join our professional local guides on the adventure and let them guide you on the amazing tours through Ghana that will let you experience the country from a unique point of view that benefits both the locals and the environment.

the destination

About Ghana

Ghana is incredibly rich culturally and this exceeds what you’ll be able to find in any tourist guidebook. Exceptional history, nature, hiking, safaris, surfing, adventure, zip line and many historical sites are waiting to be discovered by you!

Aloriga Tours Ghana operates all year round, designing or scheduling your private individual tours and group tours (for individuals, couples, small or large groups). Your personal guide will travel with you and can also organise spontaneously according to wishes and ideas. Your safety, experience and happiness is our number one goal. We aim to make traveling fun and amazing for each and everyone that signs up with us.

Ready for an unforgettable experience? 

getting around

Traveling in Ghana

Depending on the length of your stay, you can choose your own traveling lengths binging it for one / two weeks or more and even you can make your own travelling plans. The fee includes transportations, accommodation, payment of the site seeing, internet, Attractions include safaris, parties, boat trips, surfing among others. The site seeing includes Water Falls, Beaches, National Parks, Mountains, trekking and hiking, butterfly watching among others. Below are the regions that the traveling will take place.

All tours end in Accra so that the tourists can fly back to their various places with no stress

where to go

Our destinations

We cover many destinations in Ghana. Click on the name of a city to see that city’s hightlights.

  • Mole National Park (elephants and other animals)
  • Larabanga (the mystic stone and the mosque)
  • Tamale (township and market)
  • Wechian Hippo Sanctuary
  • Paga Crocodile pond
  • Paga Pio’s Palace
  • Pikworo Slave Camp
  • Tongo Hills
  • Gambarga Escarpment
  • Kejetia market
  •  National Culture Center
  • Manhyia Palace Museum
  • Okomfo Anokye Sword
  • Armed Force Museum
  • Lake Bosomtwe
  • Busua Beach
  • Cape Three Points
  • Butre
  • Dixcove
  • Nzulenzu
  • Ghana Navy Base
  • Ghana Airforce
  • Kakum National PArk
  • Monkey Sanctuary
  • Hans Cottage
  • Cape Coast Castle
  • Assinmanso Slavery
  • Elmina Castle
  • Fishermen’s community
  • Akosombo
  • Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary
  • Biakpa Mountains
  • Wli Waterfalls
  • Afadja Mountain
  • Liati Mountain
  • Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park
  • Independent Square
  • Osu Castle
  • National Museum
  • WEB DuBois Memorial Center for Pan African Culture
  • James Town
  • Kaneshi Market
  • Boti Falls
  • Zip Line
  • Aburi Gardens
  • Beads Market
  • Kintampo water falls
  • Kintampo canopy walk
  • Kintampo monkey Sanctuary

what to do

Types of activities

Are you the adventurous type? 
We got you covered!

We take the canoe and go on trips to islands to see some of the attractions like Nzulenzu (the town on stilts on the water), wine island, crocodile island, and also just to go and have a chill moment on the island. 

We take a Jeep to see the elephants, antilopes, bush pigs and other forest animals to know how they came to be and learn about them. 

Hiking, as we say, is an exercise and exhausting but we make it more fun so that you wish to do it again and again. We hike on the highest waterfalls, village, town in West Africa. We also hike on the tallest mountains in Ghana. 

This is a visit to see some animals that live in caves and why they live there. We also get to learn how the Ghanaian ancestors used to seek shelter in caves during war for survival. We also get to climb some caves if you’re up for it. 

This is where we visit Castles, Forts, and the last bath during the slave trade to know what actually went down with the slave trade and its relations. 

This is one of the fun tours where we ride on bikes throughout the city or town to visit tourist site and also learn on our way to these sites. 

This is where we use the motor bike to travel from region to region, town to town to visit the tourist site, this is usually a long ride which is being replaced by the car because of traffic and time. 

Here we go to the jungles to see the types of monkeys and it’s related animals. 

This is just a walk through the town, village, or city to look at its nature and some historic buildings and what they contribute to the society as a whole.

Another fun part of the tour where we learn how to surf at the rich beach in Ghana on the coastal area.