Privacy Policy

By agreeing to Aloriga Tours Ghana terms and conditions the privacy policy has to be read and agreed on.

Everyone involved in the company, with a role, gives access for  Aloriga Tours Ghana to use social media information such as profile pictures, business logos or background information.

When a member of the  Aloriga Tours Ghana company is not following the given guidelines, following a signed contract, will be warned or removed from the company without hesitation

The company will always work in the best of interest. In case of situations that are out of our control as in natural disasters, pandemics or other emergencies. Aloriga Tours Ghana has the right to change dates and projects, depending on the current state, cancel or add programs funds accordingly to fit.

The name and image of Aloriga Tours Ghana may never be used in any negative or harmful manner. We do not accept any bad behaviour like mouthing, bullying or other ways that put the company in a bad position or danger.

Besides these Terms and Conditions,  Aloriga Tours Ghana may have additional contracts, code of conducts or agreements for members of the organization. All members are obligated to sign these documents before starting their role or placement.


Any money contributed or given to Aloriga Tours Ghana as a donations will be considered as such, with this Aloriga Tours Ghana can not refund any donation in any way unless extreme cases.

Aloriga Tours Ghana is transparent and not a fan of any anti-corruptions. This means that the company does not support any activity from anywhere or donation that comes from a dishonest way or corrupted way.  Aloriga Tours Ghana will take legal action when noted of any corruption funds activity.

All funds donated to the company will be used or given where the company sees fit to be used. This can vary from location, organization and per project. With the exception of funds that are given by individuals, companies or other organizations, there is an agreement beforehand on where the funds should be used.


Tourism Fee Refund:  Aloriga Tours Ghana does not refund any of the travelling fees. If all fees have been paid in advance and tourists must cancel their travelling to Ghana or destination, we do not refund the fees unless extreme cases.

The company will not refund any of the travelling fees when cancelled due to natural disasters or global health issues that take place in the country of the program or globally unless extreme cases.

Discounts: There will be a discount for the fees depending on the arrangement made between the tourist and the company.

Insurance: All applicants must purchase Travel Insurance and Health insurance for the country they will be travelling to.

Changing dates; If a tourist cancels their appointments, we do not offer the flexibility for tourists to change their placement dates within the year of their placement, depending on availability on the travelling calendar..

If dates are not changed within the year, the travelling date opportunity will no longer be secured and the fees will not be refunded.

Every tourist on location is obligated to sign the specific code of conduct, contract or agreement.

Aloriga Tours Ghana always takes necessary precautions in case of a natural disaster  or global health issues affecting the program as well as the well being and safety of our tourist and staff.

The support to our tourists and staff always comes first and all actions taken by companies in times of crisis are taken with the best interest in mind of our communities.

Tourist stay, tourists will be staying in hotels, lodges and airbnb hosts depending on where we are and time. Tourists should discuss each and every problem facing them to a staff member in the company and not friends and random people outside the company which might creat miss understanding between the tourist and the company as a whole. Tourists should not take or post pictures without the concern of the company.